Sunday, January 4, 2009

Today was Hy and I first real trip on our Harleys. 120 miles!!! It was scary and cold, but we did it!!
I crashed in a dirt, gravel parking lot, but I'm ok - bike is too. Slipped on the gravel. Got that out of the way, so I should be ok from here on out!!
Been working on an art project, I'll post a pic when it is done. It's difficult for me to work on it, it just seems like I can't get creative enough to do it.
My granddaughter Autumn called today to tell me how much she likes her new house my son bought. It is pretty good size, but I guess with 4 kids running around, big is good!! She is such a cutie pie, can't wait to see her and her siblings this summer.
That's it - I'm not big on words.

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